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Adding Swagger UI to .NET Web API

26 Jan 2019 » csharp


What is Swagger UI?

Swagger UI provides a display framework that reads an OpenAPI specification document and generates an interactive documentation website.

Why Swagger UI?

ASP.NET Web API Help Page does not allow users to try API on browser. With Swagger UI, users can try all api methods on their browser.

Thus, testers can test api without any user interface also.

Classic ASP.NET Web API Help Page



Installation with NuGet

Install-Package Swashbuckle

Adding SwaggerConfig

[assembly: PreApplicationStartMethod(typeof(SwaggerConfig), "RegisterSwaggerConfig")]
namespace OAuthNotesApp.App_Start
    public class SwaggerConfig
        public static void RegisterSwaggerConfig()
            GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.EnableSwagger(x => x.SingleApiVersion("v1", "NotesAPI")).EnableSwaggerUi();

User Interface

Navigate /swagger for interface.


Testing register method


You can download source code, db script and postman requests from here –> Download